Global Warming For Reals

It’s called Global Warming, have you heard about it yet? Are you still the person that doesn’t believe in Global Warming and think that it is just a myth created by environmentalists and liberals who want governments to start paying more attention and spending useless tax dollars on things that we don’t even need? Are you, by any chance at all, a conservative or Republican? If you said no to all of these questions, then you have found yourself in the right article because this article will particularly zone in on solar power and how it can completely change our environment and help us combat the global greenhouse gas effect that is in our atmosphere and making Global Warming much worse year by year.

Of course a lot of people do not agree that there even is such a thing as Global Warming and that solar power is useless and a waste of money, but we are just going to disregard those ludicrous statements and move on because let’s be honest those people are just crack pots waiting to break open once their lives crumble and they don’t have any money like they thought they did back around 15 years ago.

All of us need to look more into solar power as a viable option for our daily lives and electricity for our homes and businesses. It really comes down to everyone as an individual and as crazy as that seems it is pretty much necessary if this is going to work, and I think it could definitely work but we would just have to have our energy to be maybe a little bit more of a thought in our minds, but maybe not even because solar power is even more simple than coal power electricity. We can definitely make a huge difference in the entire world if just the United States switched over to completely solar or renewable energy, and I think by year 2050 we are going to want to make sure that we are completely renewable so that we never have to worry about fossil fuels and their environmental problems ever again.

So stand strong solar supporters, because in a few years time it is going to come down to who we elect into political office and how much we can get done as a community by building solar infrastructure and getting our most urban areas to be run completely on renewable. It’s only a matter of time until our cars begin to be the big issue, if they aren’t already are, and we can start trying to get our vehicles to run on renewable energy as well, like hybrids, but at a massive quantity to the point that we are all using hybrid cars to get around.


Something Powerful

There is something really special about solar energy that makes the world hope and pray that we can start to use the sun as our main source of energy in the future as opposed to limited resources like fossil fuels. After all, the sun really is the source of all energy in our universe, or at least on our planet, and because that is so it is safe to say that we can have the most potential energy from solar power. Because for every hour that the sun beams down on the earth it is giving off enough energy to last the world’s population for an entire year, and that is simply because of the amount of heat that is radiated globally, or at least over half of the earth at a time.

If you think about it the sun is on the earth for half of the day on half of the earth, and then the other half for the other half of the day, so the amount of space that the sun covers on the earth at a single time is such a massive amount of area, but of course is not the entire earth all at once. This intermittency with sunlight is one of the only flaws in solar energy, and because if we were to completely switch over to solar energy or power in the future to help run our homes and infrastructure we would have an intermittency issue that would potentially be hazardous if we didn’t deal with it correctly, which I’m sure the human population would think about and handle just fine. This is just one of the many reasons why it seems logical for everyone to jump on the solar bandwagon and even try to personalize your home to run on solar energy so that you can start saving money in the long run and be way less cost effective in terms of your energy outage and the amount of money you put into your energy system.

When will people finally start to realize that solar could be the answer for all of our energy problems? Of course a lot of people know just how important and useful solar energy already is, and of course governments all over the world are using solar energy and funding research into making it stronger, but it still is not the main source of our energy simply because it is super expensive to conduct and create, as well as it doesn’t create as much energy per photovoltaic unit as does a lump of coal.

But come on, let’s be honest, the sun light seems like a much cleaner source of energy than a lump of coal. You can even have your plumbing plumber install solar water heaters powered by the sun. For God’s sake we need to forget about coal running all of our electricity in the United States and just sell it off once we have the opportunity so that we don’t have to have the after effects of burnt coal in our atmosphere anymore. It’s seriously hazardous to all mankind, and there is scientific proof that explains that coal and sulfur dioxide are completely changing the atmosphere and causing a greenhouse effect on the entire planet, which then has created higher temperatures worldwide and different global patterns that weren’t happening before all these gross chemicals were trapped on our ozone layers.

Panel Of Cells

A solar panel is used to generate solar electricity. Each panel is made up of cells. The more cells that a panel has the more electricity it produces. The average panel could hold 12 to 48 cells depending on the size of the unit. Larger panels could have gigantic cells which could produce a greater amount of electricity. Some panels have hundreds of cells and there are a few with thousands. Each panel usually has a rectangular design though some are made with a square or round shape.

Every solar panel does not make AC electricity. Instead the electrical charges produced from photovoltaic energy is in DC form. So each panel has to be converted into AC energy through the use of a invertor or converter that is attached to the panel. Once the panel converts energy it can then be sent into a structure or to a grid for use.

Solar Power Stations and Third World Countries

Solar power is now being considered as a cheap alternative form of energy within third world countries. Many third world countries do not have a lot of money to spend on oil or other fossil based fuels. This is one reason as to why their economy suffers. Solar power provides a cheap alternative form of fuel that will help to ease the burden of fossil fuel usage for electricity, heating and cooling.

Poorer countries tend to partner with more established nations and corporations with setting up solar technology that can be used to power many cities. A steady flow of cheap energy is what helps to keep an economy stable and solar panel technology is just one way that poorer countries can save money on fossil fuels and strengthen their economies.

Solar Power and Space

Solar power technology has been an instrumental part of the space program since its inception. Dr. Hans Ziegler was mentioned earlier in this article. He is the man who was responsible for implementing solar technology for spacecraft. Agencies could not figure out a way to power ships when they were in space. Ziegler realized that the sun provided an abundance of energy that was always available. Clouds and darkness would not blot out the sun’s light in space like it does on Earth. As a result, Ziegler attached solar panels to many vehicles and batteries. Since the sun’s light is ever present in space there will always be a some sort of power source to power ships and crafts. His ideas with solar panel technology revolutionized the space industry and made traveling the universe a reality.

Solar panel technology is now being used to generate power for street lights, traffic signs and even to light up public places during the night time hour. If people look closely at their surroundings they might even find solar trees which are becoming more common in many American cities. Solar technology is really taking off and by the year 2030 it will be integrated into society on a massive scale. Hopefully at that point we will fully be using solar power for everything.

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Capitalize on The Grid

A utility company keeps track of the power that is created by a home. Once a residence power output has been tracked, a utility company will reduce a home’s electric bill by the amount of power that was generated. This is a great way for homes to save money.

Homes can also generate electricity from solar technology for direct use. Instead of drawing power from the grid, a home can use the electricity that it generates to power its lights, appliances and electronics. A utility company typically charges a fee for this type of set up. Solar technology in homes is also used to heat water and can be directly connected to the plumbing system of a house.

Batteries have to be hooked up with residential solar technology. The reason why a battery is needed is store the electricity for nighttime use. Remember that solar power works best when the sun is shining. During the nighttime hours the panels produce very little energy. Homes that generate their own electricity must use the panels to keep power in the residence.

Homeowners that decided to use solar power technology will receive governmental incentives such as rebates and tax credits. Many residential solar panel companies will have a list of these incentives available for homeowners. By the way, only a qualified company can install solar technology and no homeowner should set up a system on their own. Connecting a home’s power to a grid is dangerous work that should only be completed by competent, experienced and knowledgeable technicians.

Solar Powered Devices

One of the greatest uses for solar powered technology is for electronics and everyday products. Manufacturers have created solar power watches, lanterns, lights, calculators, battery chargers, batteries, cookers, dryers, keyboards, furnaces, ponds, golf carts and fans. People often use solar powered devices when they go camping or are out in the environment for an extremely long period of time. Solar power battery chargers and lanterns are great for outdoor events.

Solar powered watches and calculators have been around for many years. These devices have always been useful products who work and go to school. Solar powered garden lights and ponds help to make a residential landscape look attractive during the nighttime hours. Using outdoor solar lights is a great way for a homeowner to light up their property with out using a lot of electricity. Solar powered appliances can be used outdoors and help to save money on utility costs.

How does Solar Technology Work

Solar technology works by using specific materials to convert sunlight into electricity. Materials such as silicon and thin film which consists of cadmium telluride, copper indium gallium selenide and amorphous silicon. At least 90% of all solar panels have some form of silicon included within their structure. This substance is a key material for all solar panel processes. Silicon by far is the best conductor of sunlight.

Solar Farms

Solar Farms

Solar farms are a collection of solar panel technology that has been constructed onto one location for the purpose of generating electricity on a large scale. On a solar farm there are rows of gigantic solar panel technology that is neatly arranged in rows. This formation is similar to a real farm that grows food based crops. These farms are typically set up on rural land and they can cover an area between 1 and 100 acres.

Many solar farms are erected on person’s private property. The government often pays them a fee for using their property for this purpose. Some landowners even volunteer their property for this use and receive benefits from the government in return. The government also sets up solar farms on national lands.

Nearly all solar farms are designed to feed into an electric grid. They help to reduce the cost of fossil base fuels in terms of supplying power to a community. This type of power is environmentally friendly form of energy. Panel parts create very little noise and the farms can be set up with other forms of agricultural based products.

While the electrical output of a solar farm will vary by size and location the average amount of 5MW (megawatts) of electricity can power 1,515 homes for a whole entire year. This form of power is excellent for producing power for industries that rely heavily on energy consumption and it is often used for military and scientific applications as well.

Most of the nation’s solar farms are set up in the southwest part of the country. The southwest regions of the US receives the greatest amount of sunlight each year. Also the sun’s rays are more intense in these areas. Since this is the case, many solar farms have been set up to take advantage of the abundance of UV light.

Buildings and Solar Technology

Solar technology is now being currently included in modern buildings. The federal government has created building standards that are designed to save money on energy costs. This is a part of the nation’s federal efficiency program which is known as the Energy Conservation and Production Act (ECPA).

Not only are federal buildings impacted by ECPA codes so are commercial, public and residential structures. Since this is the case many buildings and homes that are being constructed today are designed with energy efficient practices, technology and equipment.

Many modern buildings are now being integrated with solar technology as a result of the ECPA. Solar panels being placed onto and into the structures so they can generate their own form of electrical power. Newly built skyscrapers and shorter two-story buildings usually have some type of solar powering unit that is a part of the building’s design. This is a great way for buildings to reduce the cost of electricity and to conserve fossil fuels.

Industries such as manufacturers, warehouses, and docking areas tend to use a lot of power to carry out their daily routines. They can literally save millions of dollars annually by implementing solar power technology in newly constructed buildings. Older buildings typically have solar panel technology installed onto their roofs or near the top part of the structure. Once the panels are positioned into place they be connected to the grid and help to offset the cost of electricity for a structure or directly power a building with the energy that is produced.

Property owners and businesses that have older buildings also receive government incentives for adding solar power into their structures. These incentives and tax breaks can save some businesses millions of dollar in taxes or they can be used to offset utility costs which are normally high for public companies and small business organizations.

Residential Solar Power

Solar power is not only used for federal, commercial and public structures it is also used for residential homes. Millions of houses all over the United States have solar panel technology added into their roofs and walls. This technology is used to connect a house to the electric grid. Solar power in homes typically generates electricity into a grid. Once the power is generated it is then sent out to other homes or businesses.

Solar Power

Solar Power has been around for thousands of years but modern uses of this technology has been in place since the early 19th century. A physicists named Alexandre Edmond Becquerel figured out how electricity can covert sunlight into electricity in 1839. This process is called the photovoltaic effect. Becquerel discovered that certain materials were able to become electrically charged when they were powered by ultra violet or UV light from the sun. Soon, Becquerel discovery was widely published by the French Academy of Science and it slowly made its way around the rest of the world until it was used to power steam engines, water heaters and spacecraft. This presentation on solar power will explain the use of this technology and how it has impacted the world.

Solar Energy in the Modern World

Solar energy came to prominence during the space program during the 1950s. Dr. Hans Ziegler is considered the father of solar technology and spacecraft. This technology was primarily used for powering sensors, cooling and heating and telemetry or automated communications processes. Solar technology in spacecraft is also used for propulsion units. The technology was also implemented in satellites and for many other uses.

Solar Panel Vehicles

Solar powered cars were created in 1955 by William G. Cobb of the General Motors Corporation. His invention was a huge success and it paved the way for further solar power vehicle research that took place during the 70s. Keep in mind that Cobb’s original solar panel car was 15-inch model but in 1962 a full sized solar vehicle as displayed.

Solar Panel vehicle research took off in the late 70s. By the 1980s university and government institutions began solar car racing. These organizations created teams and continued research and development in this area. The teams compete annually and these competitions help to raise money for funding solar panel projects.

Solar cars can be driven within society but they are not practical for commercial use. There is no infrastructure in place to support solar vehicles. Combustion automobiles have supply lines and commercial end points for delivering fuel. Solar panel technology is still installing fueling points for these type of vehicles. Many consumers are not familiar with this type of technology and many would probably find it to be strange. They would probably would not gravitate toward it like they do fossil fuels. More importantly the economy (and the world) is dependent on oil and if this commodity is immediately replaced by solar technology it would cause a serious economic disruption in the world.

Governmental Agencies and Solar Technology

The Department of Energy Solar Energy Research Institute and National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

The United States government created two primary organizations with the sole purpose of researching and developing solar energy. The US Department of Energy heads the Solar Energy Research Institute and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. These agencies are responsible for creating new uses for solar technology and finding practical uses for this technology. They are also responsible for creating commercial uses for solar panel technology.

Solar powered energy for homes and businesses is one of the primary areas of development by NREL. Solar technology is also used to power cities and industries through the grid. Solar process heating is often used for heating and cooling applications and for heating water. These are the primary uses for commercial solar technology within society.

The government and universities focuses on developing solar technology that can be used for commercial, industrial and security reasons only. The ultimate goal of solar power development is to strengthen the economy, to make it more energy efficient, for space exploration and to secure the nation.